Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I just read these stories about real Iraqi War Heros, not Iraqi War victims.
I went to see Matrix Revolutions this past Thursday night with my friend Paul Clemmons, his wife Ferlie, and a random freak named Mike. We chose to see it in the IMAX format at Opry Mills and paid our $11.00 a ticket. I have to say I'm ultimately disappointed with the movie. They chose to leave us with more questions than answers regarding the nature of their world, and as one reviewer on Mr. Cranky pointed out they turned Neo into the Neville Chamberlin of the future. The ending was very dissatisfying. I can only assume they'll try to fill us in with another Anime DVD or somewhere in comic books and such. Not that I really care, since I don't plan to add anymore money into their coffers anytime soon.
Just in time for the holidays, it's Kiss-opoly! My favorite is that one of the moving pieces is a bag of money. Be sure to scroll down and read some of the comments also.