Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After work today I drove to the downtown YMCA. Parking was a bit of a pain, but I finally sneaked into a spot on the lower side of 10th Avenue. I was working "Pushes" tonight and since I'm just starting out again I'm doing light sets.

12x75 Bench, 12x80 Bench
10x50 Shoulder Press, 10x40 Shoulder Press

I'm going to do triceps presses tonight at home with dummies since the gym was crowded and I was in a hurry.

Next week I'll go up to 3 sets. I did "Pulls" last night at the Hermitage Y.

Then I did about 15 laps on the overhead, padded track, which was about 1.3 miles. That track is so nice I even did two "intervals". With new sneakers and the padded surface, it feels like you're just gliding around.