Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Apparently I'm on a plateau again. I've been on the diet since Sunday but no weight is coming off. I haven't been walking as much or doing the fitness plan due to sore knees and feet, so that may account for some of it. The D.B.A.N. for today was 288, which is the same as it's been since Sunday. Hopefully it will get back on track soon.
Skullet Preservation

The staff here at Wayward Hatch are always on the lookout for ways to help preserve the Heff Skullet. It turns out a little more soy in the diet could solve two problems at once.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Jerry and Clark

The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman. I don't have sound at work so I haven't watched these yet, but they look funny.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Crimson Berg

Sometimes art is great just because of the imagination and imagery. This red iceberg is a great example of that. Hopefully I can find some better pictures of it.

Edit: The artist's website has a good high res picture. You can't link directly too it, but dig around a bit and you'll find it.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Woo Hoo!

As you probably just saw in the message from my lovely and one of a kind wife, I turned 13,149 days old today. It's been 56 days since my 2nd chance on life began with the pacemaker implant. No D.B.A.N. this weekend, I've already blown the diet last night and today.
Happy 36th Birthday Hatch!

Happy Birthday Alan!

You are still our favorite grumpy Hatch even if you are getting really old now!
We love you and hope you enjoy your special day!! Marissa and Victoria

Thursday, March 25, 2004


I'm exhausted. I think I've done too much this week. I went to the Y late last night after bible study and did my upper body workout and managed 25 minutes on the treadmill. I'm not doing any extra walking today other than from the car to the office and the stairs to the 3rd floor. I'm going to rest today and tomorrow so I can have the energy to do some hiking Saturday morning at Lake Radnor. The D.B.A.N. today was 282, so if I make the hike on Saturday I'll have a 72.75 score for the week. With the adjustments I'll make for next week, I should be able to pace myself a little better.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This Hatch Was Made for Walkin'

I went to the YMCA last night to continue the weekly fitness plan. I didn't go Monday night, so I lost two points there. I made up one point by walking at lunch yesterday. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill, and this time I went 2.4 miles and 410 feet of vertical elevation, which averages to a 3.2% grade and 3.2 miles/hour. I also did some leg exercises, so I was pretty whipped when I stumbled back into the house last night. My short-term goal is still 3 miles and 500 ft of elevation in 45 minutes. Right now my first mile is still taking me about 18 minutes, so I've got a ways to go.

The D.B.A.N. for today is 284 lbs, so I'm back on track with the weight loss. I've also got a new chart to track the weight loss on my website.

I'm going to make some adjustments to the fitness plan for next week. The 45 minutes on the treadmill is pretty intense, and Wednesday nights are bad for me due to bible study, so I'm going to cut that back to just Tuesdays and Thursdays and increase it to 2 pts per 45 minutes. I'm also going to add 20 minutes at lunch for every weekday. Another thing I'm doing to add extra during the day is parking as far out as possible at work, which is about .15 miles, and I'm taking the stairs up to the 3rd floor.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Meat and Three Threw Me

I had a bad weekend for the diet. Marissa and I went to Paris, TN on Saturday to attend her great-uncle's funeral. While there we ate breakfast and lunch at a meat and three called "Knott's Landing." It reminded me too much of my City Cafe days and I splurged on some biscuits at breakfast and some roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy at lunch. The D.B.A.N. for this morning was back up to 286. Not too much of a slide, but since I'm starting the weekly fitness plan today, hopefully it will come back off quickly.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Spring Forward

Everything you ever wanted to know about Daylight Saving Time. I've always heard it as Daylight "Savings" Time, but I guess that's part of the southern vernacular.

The weekly fitness plan doesn't officially start until this Monday, but I decided to try it out last night at the Y. I'm adjusting the walking time down to 45 minutes on weeknights. I'm doing this for two reasons:

1) The treadmills at the Y only like to go for 45 minutes maximum. Well, actually there are treadmills that will go longer, but not the ones that keep up with vertical distance.

2) I want to set goals for vertical distance in my treadmill sessions, so I'm setting the incline to a minimum of 2%. Last night I ended up doing 331 vertical feet in 2.27 miles for an average grade of 2.32%.

My goal for these sessions is to go 3 miles and 500 vertical feet in 45 minutes. I still want to walk outside at least 1 hour each week during the week though. When daylight savings time kicks in I'll be able to hit the greenway that's next to the Y for that.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Game is Afoot!

Ok, I'm declaring a fat jihad against my friend and hiking partner Paul Clemmons. Right now we're both doing Atkins and exercising, but he's at 257 lbs vs. my 282 lbs. The 25 pound difference must disappear! Even though Paul is under the influence of the tobacco lobbyists, I feel I can still catch him, especially if I pay his wife to take him to the sushi buffet. The battle of the Fat, Hairy, White Boys is on!
Man With a Plan

Ok, this is my first go at plan to get back into good hiking condition by June. I put it on my website since it wouldn't really show up well here.

The way it works is I'll score myself on what I do during the week and report on it Monday here on the Blog as a percentage. If I earn all 20 pts then it'll be 100%. I put a lot of pts into the big walk/hike on Saturday, so not doing that puts me at a maximum of 70% for the week. I figure if I can maintain a B average on this through June, I should be getting pretty lean and mean.
Hiking Hatch

This program is close to what I'm planning to do to get into good hiking shape by June. I'm still working on getting some specific goals refined, and I'll post them soon. The D.B.A.N. for today was somewhere between 282 and 284. I couldn't get the scales to ever make up its mind. I'm almost on the last notch in my belt, so that's feeling pretty good. I did a 15 minute hike around a park near work today at lunch to get the heart rate up some, and I'm going to the YMCA tonight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Save the Heff Skullet

I've offered to donate butt hair follicles for my friend Jeff and others, but so far I've been declined. Maybe in about 10 years this procedure can help them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Hatch Drafted

So I get home from work yesterday afternoon and the phone rings. It's a lady from the American Cancer Society. They read my editorial in the Tennessean and want to recruit me to help them out in their anti-smoking campaign in Tennessee. They're sending me more information. I couldn't very well say no since I ranted about it in the papers. Heh. It's been 1248 days since my last smoke, by the way.
Hatch Gasping

Great, I live in the 9th worst city for asthma in the country. My allergies have been going haywire for the last week, so this doesn't make me feel any better.

Monday, March 15, 2004

D.B.A.N. Report

Today's D.B.A.N. weight is 284. I'm going to come up with a list of fitness goals soon and publish them here. I just need a massive, well muscled man to beat me into a pulp if I don't stick to them. I'm hoping to start working out tonight as well. Bring on the pain!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Done Been Lied To

I've heard it said several times you could see the Great Wall of China from space. Turns out it was a falsehood.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Out the Wazoo

Doing a low carb diet is definitely more expensive than eating normal food. You can't go and pick up a $2.99 special anywhere and eat it for lunch. Some people are getting ripped off though as this article points out. The D.B.A.N. for today is 285, by the way.
The Swarm

I've always thought cicadas were really cool, especially when you can pick them off the pine trees and make football teams out of them. Looks like this might be a good year for them here in Tennessee.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Comet Burned Chicago?

Hard to tell how serious to take this article, but is an interesting theory. Link via McRay.
Mojo Lays It Down

The 2nd Incarnation of Elvis, Mojo Nixon, is retiring. This is according to his website. I can't say any more right now. I'm too distraught.
Today's D.B.A.N.

This morning's weigh in was 286. I've definitely blown past the plateau from the last few weeks and the weight is really starting to peel off right now. BMI today is 37.7. Total weight loss is 34 lbs, which is more than 10% of my initial weight.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Letter to the Editor

The Tennessean recently published a letter I emailed to the editor with me ranting about the smoking regulations. You'll have to scroll down about halfway to see it. They left out the part where I complained about Senator Harper. I guess the editor must like her since she's "liberal." The link may expire soon as well, so read it now.
Back on Track

This morning's D.B.A.N. was 288 lbs, which is a BMI of 38.0. That's down from a BMI of 42.2 at the beginning of the year. When I hit 275 lbs I plan to publish my first before and after photos. Despite overwhelming requests from my loyal readers, the photos will not be nude shots.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Origins Again?!?

Why does every Batman movie seem to think they need to retell the whole origin story of Batman every time? We all know the origin of Batman! Do something original with the character. I'm thinking the suck factor on this new Batman movie will probably be pretty high. Too many stars for one thing. It'll be hard to fit all the face time each actor will demand into a decent movie.
Iron Man

Cool article about work on a powered exoskeleton. Too bad there were no pictures.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

A Quote to Live By

"I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul." - Calvin 1995

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Natural Pacemaker

Maybe in 8 to 10 years I can get rid of the pacemaker, at least according to this article.
Hatch the Slacker

Ok, I never called Senator Harper back. Yes, I suck. I still think it's ok to regulate smoking in restaurants and anywhere that has public access, despite what my friend Paul says. He's obviously under the influence of the tobacco lobby.
Not a Monkey!

Victoria and I have both started watching Dave the Barbarian on the Disney Channel lately. It's pretty humorous, both on an adult and children's level. It's nowhere close to Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons, but I like it. Some critics don't seem to like it at all.