Monday, May 19, 2003

Ok, so I haven't really been a fan of Star Trek for quite a while now, but I still get bored and watch a few episodes. I haven't seen many episodes of the latest Trek series, Enterprise, but I downloaded a few on Kazaa Lite a few days ago from the first season and watched them. One episode in particular, Episode 105, contained a real stinker in the "we don't have a clue about science" department, which is the real reason I can't watch Trek anymore.

In this episode, the Enterprise sends over a human engineer to an alien ship that has a far out and bizarre environment. This doesn't make him feel very well and he is forced to take a nap. An alien female offers him something out of bowl and makes the statement "this is the closest we could come to water." What?!? Give me a break! They're a space faring civilization and they can't make liquid water! It's only like one of the more common and easiest molecules to make in the Universe. Sheesh. Why can't Paramount afford to hire a college intern with a physics major to proof-read some of the crap they spew out as dialogue in their shows? That one statement made me lose interest in the whole episode and pretty much the series as a whole. Bleh.

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