Friday, July 30, 2004

Firefox Coming on Strong

I'm not sure where they gather their information or how accurate it is, but I've been watching this list of web browser statistics for the last few months. The percentage share of IE has actually begun to shrink in favor of Mozilla browsers. I had to lay down the law at the Hatcher household recently and force everyone to use Firefox so I wouldn't have to spend hours every week cleaning out spyware and viruses. Someone has still been cheating and using IE. She's being observed carefully and evidence is being gathered...

If you haven't tried Firefox, you really should. The tabbed browsing alone is worth it, along with not having to worry about popups. I've found there are very few sites that don't work well with it, with the exceptions mostly being Microsoft sites that you should stay away from anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to show the brotherly love, but I have started using FireFox around our house too and not had nearly the SpyWare and crash problems.