Monday, December 11, 2006

The Joys of Dachshund Ownership

When I got home tonight, I fed Jack his supper and then we went upstairs to play for a while and before it was time for his bath. Since it was really warm today, Marissa had some of the windows open and the downstairs door was open so Annie could get some exercise.

So Jack and I are playing on his drum and I hear Marissa downstairs moving around. All of the sudden she starts screaming and is instantly about halfway up the stairs screaming. I jump up yelling "what!?! what!?!?" Jack gets scared at this point and starts crying.

I look over the banister and right in the middle of the living room I see it right away: Dead Squirrel. Apparently the dachshund decided this would be the perfect place for everyone to see her newly acquired prized possession. To top it all off when I went down to get it I found that it was also a decapitated dead squirrel. Marissa spent the next half hour asking me where I thought the head might be.

I tossed it in the woods next to the house and told them not to let the dog out by herself for a few days. No sign of the head yet.

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