Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DBAN Update

This morning's DBAN read exactly 284.0 lbs, so I've dropped about 8.5 lbs in the last three weeks. This isn't as much as I had hoped, but I also broke the second toe on my left foot about three weeks ago, so the walking and exercise has been minimal. The toe is still hurting a little, but it's not completely black and blue like it was two weeks ago and you can barely tell I'm limping.

I decided this week to start a modified version of Weight Watchers, which is what my wife has been doing with great success the last three weeks. I'm not allowed to mention specific numbers for her, but she's doing great so far. Weight Watchers has traditionally been seen as geared towards women, and I think I know why. They love all the complexity of it since it gives them something to talk about and focus their minds on. There's little paper calculators and books and group discussions and all that helps them stick to it.

I decided to simplify it. I'm multiplying my weight by 5 and that's the max number of calories I'm eating every day, split into 5 small meals. So right now it's 1420 calories. That's 284 calories per meal, which is exactly what a Lean Pocket is. So I bought 10 boxes of them on Sunday and I eat one about every 3 hours starting at 8 am. It's cheap, it's portioned, and there's so many varieties it will be a while before I get sick of them. I also bought some cereal, but so far I haven't eaten that for breakfast yet.

Weight Watchers includes extra points you can use during the week, and I'm allowing myself an extra 1000 calories maximum on any day I go caving, which could be a few more weeks until my toe completely heals up.


BamaNana said...

There are men in wt watchers

DrPhilMcGraw said...

"GIRLIE Men....."

Anita Dick said...

My friend Jeff Falkner thrives on finding the most cheesy of things to add to his house. His latest find is the Lime Bomber. Some day I'll have to create a virtual tour of his house so others can share in my stunned amazement of how he's created a monument to tackiness and the white trash dream.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for losing weight but Lean Pockets really are the worst way to do it. It's not a balanced or sustainable diet. I highly recommend the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman. There's no calorie counting, no meal plans. Just lots of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, and beans. You'll find yourself much more satisfied and full - not to mention healthier - than you will on your Lean Pocket diet.

Lean Pockets are very high in fat, even higher in sodium, and very low in nutrients.

Alan said...

I completely understand where you're coming from, but at this point in my life I don't want to cook, I need convienience, and I need it to be cheap, so lean pockets and the like suit all of those needs. This is not a long term plan, but just doing what I need to drop below 250 so I can raise the exercise levels.

Anonymous said...

Stick with meat, and die like a man.

- Mighty Meateater.