Friday, August 03, 2007

Five Years!

We did it! Marissa and I have made it through five years of marriage as of today! In that time we've bought a house, two cars, a dachshund, a pacemaker, braces for the Girl, and we brought home the Boy to tear it all up!

It's been a great time so far, and we're hoping for many more. We ate at Melting Pot last night, and as usual got completely stuffed. We splurged a little for the lobster tail and it came out pretty good. I think Marissa just goes for the chocolate at the end, though.

I love you baby! You are the reason.


HatchWife said...

Shrimp too! Don't forget about the shrimp. Too bad I was not feeling well. What, I am the reason for the season?

Jose said...

Congrats on ur 5th wedding anniversary

BamaNana said...

Congratulations, and love you!! What do you think about David Dixon going back into a principal's job??

Nome said...


I wish you many more years to come!!!

Love, Aunt Nome

turducken said...

Happy anniversary!

tricia said...

congratulations too. I have calous on my knees from praying for this one!
aunt tricia