Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Marissa

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Marissa!

She's 29 years old today! Woo hoo! I'm so lucky to have such a young wife. Yowza! We managed to score a baby sitter tomorrow night so we're going to eat at her favorite restaurant, Sakura.

Last night we took Jack and Victoria to "Trunk or Treat" at a local church. Jack figured out the whole "grab candy and stick in the bucket" concept very quickly. Once again everyone loved his Nemo outfit. It has a little tail that shakes back and forth when he walks. At one point there was a swimming pool full of plastic eggs with candy in them. He saw his cousin Brynn in there grabbing candy so he ran up and rolled over the side and started grabbing it himself. I had to go "fish" him out of there. Har, har.

In other news back home, long time friend and cousin Heff also celebrates a birthday today. He's 40 years old! Wow! Hard to believe he made it this far. I think he's going to braid his James Spann Hair Island for the event today. I've also heard his office in Columbiana has been vandalized in celebration of the event. No pictures yet though.


Heff said...

Happy birthday Marissa ! 29 my ass !

Hatch - you are NOT my cousin. A picture of a small portion of my vandalism is up now, And let's not talk about age, as you're starting to type like Wilkins :

"He say his cousin Brynn in there"

Edit your post !

Heff said...

"Bucky Throbbin" ?...Now was that REALLY necessary ?!?

Alan said...

What you talking bout Willis?

Heff said...

Hey ! Why isn't my killer avatar showing ? Have you even moderated THAT feature ?!?!? Jeez....