Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I had a pretty good birthday yesterday. My friends at work took me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then when I got home I loaded up the wife, the girl, and the boy and we headed for the local Thai restaurant. Marissa had mentioned this a few weeks ago and I was all for it. Of course, starting the day before, she started whining about it and offering up different suggestions. I think this was after she looked at the menu online. So as we were driving there, I kept going on and on about how good it was going to be to eat a lot of good spicy Thai food, and then I drove past it and went to Panera. I love Thai food, but I won't torture my family for it.

After dinner we walked over to the pet store and let Jack look at the animals. He got pretty excited about the tank full of clown fish. Can you tell what movie he's been watching a lot lately?

I kept looking for Heff to show up for dinner, but I guess Nashville is just too far to drive for someone you've known for oh, 28 years now?

Here's one more Mojo Nixon tune, just cause I feel like it.


Anonymous said...

You R A Monkey's ASSprin! Good job tricking the family!

Heff said...

Someone erased my comments from the birthday e-vite, so I felt left out to begin with.