Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday So Far

Marissa took Jack to work with her this morning at the YMCA, so I slept late. I've been waking up earlier during the week now, so it was nice to sleep in, even though it was noisy enough outside that I didn't get too much real sleep.

Marissa called to wake me up about 10:15 and I drove down to the Y to pick up Jack. He hadn't eaten too much that morning, so we stopped at McDonald's and got him a Happy Meal and then headed for the library. Jack was pretty excited and kept saying "Me get new books!" He knows how to drive to the library from our house, so when we came in from a different direction he was a little worried about it. He cheered up pretty quick when he saw the building though.

Once we got there we went directly to the kid's department. First Jack wanted to put some puzzles together and we did about three of those. Then we picked out about three books and checked them out and headed back to the car. I was feeling like getting some exercise, so we then drove to the Greenway at the dam. We walked about half a mile down the river then turned back around and walked down toward the dam to watch some people fishing.

All four of the floodgates were open today, so it was pretty noisy down there. Jack was very interested in the fishing, even though no one seemed to be catching anything. Every time someone would cast he would yell out "Cool!" or "Awesome!" I'm going to have to get some fishing gear soon and take him back out there.

Now we're waiting on Mommy to get home and we're going over to Uncle Paul's house to watch Alabama play LSU.

"Jack, what's the elephant say?"

"Roll Tide!"

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