Friday, June 19, 2009

Gym Weirdness

I'm at the gym at lunch earlier this week, and it's pretty quiet in the workout area. I also forgot to bring my iPod so I'm stuck with the overhead music. As I climb into the first machine it's playing "Let My Love Open The Door" by Pete Townshend. I've always enjoyed the song, so this isn't too bad.

As I switch machines, the next song is "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John. I never really liked this song, but it's obvious the station they're playing today is doing an early 80's set. At this point one of the Y employees walks by shaking her head and says "they're playing some really weird music today."

Now this struck me as odd, since she looked to be about my age or maybe slightly older. It's harder for me to tell which women are my age now, since as an old boss once told me "once you get past 40, men start looking more and more like Sean Connery. Unfortunately, so do the women."

She walks by again and actually looks at me and says "isn't this weird music?" I finished my set and replied "well, not really. It's just 80's stuff."

"Is it really? Well, 80's music was never really very good in the first place I guess." Then she finally walked away.

About a minute later, "Mony, Mony" by Billy Idol comes on. Ok, so it's an 80's set, not just an early 80's set. Here comes the lady walking by me again, carrying a load of machine wipe-down towels.

"Well, finally they're back to playing more 50's music," she said with a huge smile.

At this point, I finally became a bit exasperated with her.

"50's? It's Billy Idol!"

"Really? Huh." At this point she finally walks off for good.

* Yes, I know "Mony Mony" was originally released in 1968 by The Shondells, but that's a long way from being the 50's.


mindfly_marketing said...

That's hilarious! God I love the Y. Lots of entertaining folks there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but was she hot?


Alan said...

No, Wil. She was not.

Heff said...

She was trying to hit on you, Dumbass. Read between the lines.