Friday, July 03, 2009

Poker Night

So I played Texas Hold'em tonight for the first time since I stopped working in Atlanta about four years ago. It was hosted by songwriter extraordinaire Ashley Gorley and involved about 15 hairy apes sitting in his basement eating wings and slurping down Diet Pepsi's. This was tame poker since it was mostly people from church and Sunday school class.

I didn't get many cards going my way, and when I did I badly overplayed them. At one point I hit a straight on the flop and pushed in 500 on a pot that was about 200 at the time. Jimmy almost called it, but in the end it was too big of a push and he folded. That was pretty much the highlight of my night as far as hands go. I busted out on an A6, going all in just before the river card, looking for an Ace but Daniel on my right had a straight the whole time.


Heff said...

It must be hard to push in with a flop.

Alan said...

You're so cute when you try to talk like an adult.

Heff said...

Oh, go flop your pair in the river.