Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Ok, so the wife and kid talk me into going to see Tuck Everlasting last night. It's not a bad movie, and the lead actress, Alexis Bledel was really cute. I can't believe she's 21 years old. I really bought into her being 15.

Even though the movie was OK, I had to make up my own ending so that it would be absolutely perfect. The movie is about a family that can live forever and are invulnerable because they drank from a small spring at the base of a big ass tree. At the end of the movie, the 17 year old Tuck, who is actually about 189 years old, walks into the clearing around the tree in the present day and finds a gravestone at the base of the tree with Winnie's name on it. It seems that she took William Hurt's mumbo jumbo advice about being "part of the wheel" and didn't drink the water and died at age 100. In the real movie, Tuck kneels by her grave and stares in wonder as the credits start to roll.

Now in the Hatch version, he would have walked into the clearing and knelt by her grave. After a few poignant moments, a sound eerily similar to a pack of dogs barking is heard. He quicky turns, stands up, and a sword has almost magically appeared in his hands. Out of the bushes steps a tall figure with long, dark hair. He also has a sword, a katana, in his hand, with a smug smirk on his face.

The stranger speaks. "Tuck."

Tuck stares at him for a few tense moments before replying, "Highlander, wait."

The Highlander rushes into the clearing and a 5 minute sword fight ensues. Eventually, Tuck's head is severed and a massive quickening takes place, which ends up toppling the oak tree and destroying the method of creating new immortals.

The crowd in the theatre, (all 5 of us), goes wild! Cue the Queen music...

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