Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Van Helsing

Paul "Fatboy" Clemmons and the Evil Tennessee Tobacco Lobby are trying say that Van Helsing was a complete flop. I went to see it this past Sunday since my wife was merciful and didn't make me see the Olsen Twins movie. I thought it was fun but completely goofy and over the top. You can't expect too much from a summer action flick anyway. Buy a big popcorn, a box of peanut M&M's, a big ole diet coke, and sit back and enjoy it. Just seeing Kate Beckingsale in a corset was worth the admission price.


Anonymous said...

CORRECTION TO POST : Wife was merciless and didn't ALLOW him to see the Olsen Twins movie.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't your site fun, up to date, and informative like Chet Farmer's ?