Monday, October 18, 2004

Hatch in Black

Sorry about the lack of updates. Hatch sucks, but I'm back! Nothing of note to post really, but I thought I'd regale you with some boring Hatch facts. Oct. 15, 2004 was the 4th anniversary of my quitting smoking. 1464 days now without a cigarette.


TheHeffer said...

Folks, Hatch is not telling the truth to his loyal readers. This is a blog of lies. As soon as his wife went to the bathroom at my house Liberty Day (June of this year), Hatch fired up the biggest blunt I'd ever seen. As for "no cigarettes" ? - It's like chips and dip - You can't Love Mary Jane without kissing Sister Cigarette afterwards.

TheHeffer said...

As posted on :

Regale. This must be the word of the week on Hatch's Vocabulary Words For Dummies Toilet Paper roll.