Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Another Joke

(In response to Heff's joke...)

Heff, Hatch, and Butterworth journey into the jungle on an expedition to find the Lost Boobies of Paradise. Within a few days they are captured by cannibals and brought before the chief.

"You must journey into jungle. You must bring back 10 pieces of fruit. Now go!"

The three intrepid adventurers set off in different directions to finish their task. Butterworth comes back first with a handful of 10 apples.

"Now you must insert fruit into rectum without changing your expression in a test of confidence or we will kill and eat you."

Butterworth inserts the first 3 apples without changing expression, but on the 4th one he grimaces in pain. The cannibals quickly kill and eat him.

Hatch comes back with 10 grapes and is given the same task. He quickly inserts 9 grapes, but on the 10th grape he suddenly busts out in laughter. He is also quickly killed and eaten.

Butterworth and Hatch meet in the afterlife soon after Hatch's death.

"Dude, what happened," says Butterworth? "You were almost finished!"

"I couldn't help it," said Hatch. "I looked up and saw Heff coming back with 10 pineapples!"

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TheHeffer said...

- Oldie, but a goody. I knew from the first line I was gonna end up being "Pineapple guy."