Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pissed Eagles

A Sports Illustrated writer has pretty much summed up my whole opinion nicely concerning the Auburn BCS controversy in a recent article. I didn't even realize that The Citadel was a Division 1aa school! You can't completely pad your schedule and expect to be taken seriously. Although I do think the SEC needs to seriously think about booting out some of the consistently crappy teams as well. I'd also have to say that Alabama needs to work on getting some better non-conference games scheduled as well. I still say the 1986 season when they played Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State was one of the most ballsy schedules evar, even if it only turned out to be a so-so season.

The best thing about all this is that the Auburn fans know deep in the pit of their stomach that if Alabama was undefeated at this point they'd be ranked #1 or #2 just because they're Alabama. Auburn has too many years of being the little cow-college that couldn't behind them to overcome. They can line up their little triumphs like beating Alabama this year or being undefeated in Tuscaloosa, but until they line up 12 National Championships they're always going to sound whiney just like they do this year.

As the great Sam Kinison once said about the Russian Space Program, "you want to impress us? Go to the moon and bring back our flag!"


Anonymous said...

Hatch, you ignorant slut. Once again Auburn had to take on the citadel as a replacement because bowling green wanted to play Oklahoma (biggier pay day). And are you for fucking real? You actually think that bama would be 1 or two after starting in the same position as Auburn did?? Wake up and smell the stinch of the bama nation. News flash NO ONE GIVES BAMA ANY FUCKING RESPECT ANY MORE!!! the reason being everyone is sick of hearing of "The Bear" and how he would have taken a shit as opposed to the way steve Spurrier takes one. Bama has been in "laughing stock" mode now for almost ten years. with intermitant success thrown in for good messure. No blue chip kid from Florida school system wants to come play in the mighty "T" town anymore..hell they don't know or give a shit about Bear Bryant. they want to play where they are going to get the most exposure, the best facilities ect... after realizing this the shit heads in charge at Bammer finally decided to quit living in the past (to some degree) and they began to try to catch up to Auburn in terms of facilities ect.. If Auburn just went around claiming every championship the way bama does then put us down for '57, '83, and '86. I am pretty sure 1993 as well Auburn voted number 1 in a computer poll. Trust me as an auburn fan there is NOTHING about Bama that I am jealous of. Hey I have no control over what bowl Auburn gets sent to,but even you must realize that Auburn (if they win out) deserves the shot at being named National champs.. Hell Hatch they just beat the then ranked number 3 LSU tigers, the then ranked I think 4 or 5 VOLS, the then ranked 6 Georgia Bulldogs , not to mention all the unranked shit teams from the SEC like OLD PISS, MSU, and last but not least the Tide. Cow College?? Are you refering to the largest University in the state? Oh, yes the one that is now the LEADER while Bama begins it's reign as #2 in teh state. Or maybe number 3. UAB is a pretty good school with a football team that would most likly give bama all they wanted. We will never know that because Bama is affraid to play "little brother" in Birmingham.!!!!! p.s. if Bama had of been worth a shit maybe the pollsters would have given Auburn more credit for beating your ass. instead, they look at it like beating ....the citadel...my, how the mighty have fallen. Gatorade over your coach for a rousing victory over MSU???? ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL!!!!........... HUgs and kisses......ALNB

Jesus H. Christ said...

(my name) Hatch, Even I DON'T HAVE FAITH IN 'BAMA ANYMORE !