Friday, December 17, 2004

A Wayward Hatch

I've started a new contract at Home Depot in Atlanta, and haven't had much luck getting internet access this week, so that's partly to blame for the lack of updates. I sincerely apologize to both of you that read this blog and hope to do better in the future but don't hold your breath.

This past weekend I finished putting in bamboo hardwood flooring in our master bedroom that I ordered for $2.79 a square foot from I did a pretty good job despite help from Paul Clemmons who seems to be taking way too much credit on his blog. I'll try to have some photos up of it soon.


Paul said...

Taking too much credit??? Please, bitch...oh, and btw, you're welcome.

TheHeffer said...

That's it !!! Hell, I LOVE startin' fires !