Monday, December 20, 2004

The Banished Hatch

I'm back in Atlanta after a restful weekend at home. I woke up about 4:30 this morning and left Nashville at about 5:30. It took me right at 3.5 hours to make the drive to the parking deck at Home Depot. Traffic was fairly light even on I-75.

Marissa and I went to see Christmas with the Cranks yesterday afternoon. It was fairly amusing, but nothing really special. Jamie Lee Curtis has reached the point where she should avoid scenes in a bikini I think. She's still pretty, but the wrinkles are starting to show. I'm curious if Tim Allen can actually make a non-Christmas based movie anymore.


TheHeffer said...

C'mon, Marissa. Hatch is out of town. Now's our chance !

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jeff! I am already booked out this week. Maybe I can fit you in the near future!!!

I love you Alan!

Paul said...

How's life a Burtland? How long is your commute from there to HDHQ?

TheHeffer said...

"Fit you In"....Nice pun, my dear !

LilNigglet said...

Fo' Shizzle ! Marissa done need some coffee for dat cream !

TheHeffer said...

Hatch, you need to start praising my constructive efforts with more vive.

- And I quote, "man.....hatch had told me about your cabinets, but he did not come
close to doing them justice....are you marketing these things yet?
(of course, i'm ignorant of whatever copyright/patent laws would
apply, but damn...they look good...)

assuming that i can meet "cost" i will certainly take you up on the
offer, though it'll be a good while before I could take
delivery......"details, spock....I need the details"."


Jesus H. Christ said...

By The Way, Alan - that's "Christmas with the KRANKS". Your "Crank" is what you play with every night.