Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It Takes a Village Idiot

There was great sadness in the hamlet of Midlothian this week as Uncle Bull learned that his hero and idol, the Policeman from the Village People was arrested on drug charges in San Francisco.

"I used to make Wilfred be the cowboy, and I'd be the Policeman, and we'd sing 'YMCA' and 'In The Navy' out in the garage all weekend," said Uncle Bull in a prepared statement. "I was all set to join the Navy when I turned 18, but my hips wouldn't fit through the hatches on the ships. So I ended up in the Air Force."

"Now Victor has gone and ruined everything," continued Uncle Bull. "I can't possibly play the Policemen anymore and Wilfred took the cowboy outfit down to Georgia with him, if he hasn't pawned it yet to buy more TOL swag."

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