Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Great Grandfather

My cousin Thomas Blackwell sent me this picture today. It's my Great-Grandfather Ausman C. Hatcher. I'm not sure who the girl with him is. I've never seen this picture before either and had no idea what "Poppa Hatcher" even looked like. He reminds me a lot of my grandfather Luther Hatcher. I'm also not sure when the picture was taken. I'll update when I find more.

I've been making contact with 2nd and 3rd cousins like crazy the last few weeks. I'm not sure how many descendants Andrew Jackson Hatcher has yet, but it's up to several hundred at least by now. The man had 11 children with two wives, so it will likely be up in the thousands if I manage to find them all.

Ausman C. Hatcher and Barbara Hatcher circa 1946


Nome said...

I'll ask Uncle Hatch if he knows the child. Great fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alen, I visites the cemetary where my great grandmother Sarah Anne Hatcher is buried-and possibly Andrew Jackson Hatcher. Took pictures of her stone. I also visited cemetary where Ausman is buried but failed to find his marker. He sure looks a lot like my grandfather-his half brother- William Jefferson (Dad) Hatcher. He was living in Wise (Wise County) Va when he died. My grandmother, Lillie Mae (Mason) Hatcher proceeded him in death by about 9 months.

Fred Gregory
Hoover, Alabama