Monday, August 04, 2008

Six Years

Yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary. Tempus Fugit was never a truer statement. We celebrated by going out to lunch after church at Sakura, which is Marissa and Jack's favorite restaurant. I have a kid that loves broccoli! How cool is that? When we walked in, Victoria was already there with her Dad and new step-mother, along with several other members of the Dowdy family. It's her favorite restaurant also.

Then it was home for a nap, then back to church for a reception for our pastor leaving after 22 years. Then we went over to Opry Mills for a while and I got about 2.5 miles of walking around while Victoria and Jackson shopped and Marissa read a magazine. Opry Mills is a great place to get some walking in since it's a circular mall and a lot of it is carpeted and of course it's air-conditioned also.

On the way home we stopped by for a romantic dinner at McDonald's off the dollar menu. That's good living right there, I tell ya!


parledge said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Best Wishes etc.

Heff said...

I had a comment, but it wouldn't get past comment moderation, so Fugit.