Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Morning, Good Morning

I woke up really tired this morning. My sinuses were all stuffed up, despite taking Claratin for a week now. It was dark, rainy, and was a great day to just roll back under the covers and sleep. After I got back from taking Victoria to school, I made Jack his milk and went upstairs to open his door. Usually, I open it a crack then hide in the guest bedroom or the bathroom to wait for him to come running out with his blanket. This morning, nothing.

I waited a few minutes then went in to check on him. He was stirring around a little, but definitely didn't want to get out of bed. I rubbed his back while he tossed and turned for a few minutes but finally he sat up and gave me his usual "Hey Daddy" and pulled his pacy out to give me a kiss.

I was still thinking about calling in to work and going back to bed, but seeing my boy made me feel a lot better, and since they've been laying off people at work lately I figured I might as well go in. The hot shower cleared up most of my sinuses and I got Jack dressed as well after we read the Froggy Goes To School book first.

Finally, on the drive to work, just outside our subdivision, I saw the wild turkey herd that lives around the area. There were about 50 of them grouped together this morning, and I got to sit on the road for several minutes enjoying the sight while they all ambled across it in front of my car. At that point, not even the reports on NPR that the stock market was going down rapidly put much of a dent in my good mood.


Heff said...

You best quit jerking around getting to and from work. You've got to get home, dust, vaccuum, do the clothes, mop, and prepare the family meal.

HatchWife said...

You make it sound like I do nothing... YOU know that is not true. You only dress him like once a week.

BamaNana said...

heff seems to be quite knowledgeable in all of those activities. Apparently his practice has perfected his schedule - good job, guy ! You'll make a great husband some day !!!!!!!