Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My father-in-law David has been working full time for the Obama campaign in Nashville for the last few months. We kept asking if he had ever met him and he had not until the debate came to town. Here they are shaking hands.

Personally, I'm pretty discouraged about the elections this year. Everyone seems to think Obama is going to change things, but I think he's just a career politician like McCain and is unlikely to make any bold decisions that will need to be made. McCain is just too old and desperate to be President. He's saying and doing whatever he thinks will get him votes.

Both candidates have made horrible decisions for VP running mates, although McCain picking Palin has to be one of the worst decisions ever. In the end, I'm voting against Republicans this election. I've always been a Libertarian, so I've leaned towards the Republican party, but they've pretty much betrayed everything they stand for in the last 8 years. They have no fiscal responsibility, no moral responsibility, no courage, no heart, no clue. This is actually true of both parties, but McCain is the poster boy for a party that's fallen the farthest lately.


Heff said...

Absolutely Unbelievable. You're a disgrace to this country. I don't know you. I've never known you.

Talk to the hand.

Heff out.

HatchWife said...

Poppy and the President!!! YAY!

Nome said...

It has to be better than what we had for the last eight years. Of course, I have NEVER voted for a republician, so I am HAPPY!!!!