Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A 10k Day

On Monday I walked a little over 10,400 steps according to my new pedometer. That's almost 5 miles and is the most I've walked in one day in a long, long time. I strayed off the diet some when my father died and when Jackson came along, but I only went back up to 290 pounds. I'm back down to 286 as of this morning.

Jackson went to pediatrician again today and he's grown 1.5 inches and put on almost a whole pound. He went from 8lbs 1oz to 9lbs as of today at 13 days of age. His Momma's got some good noog-noog. The doctor said he's perfectly healthy and he doesn't have to go back until Feb. 10 when he'll get 5 shots. Ouch.

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Nanas4 said...

WOW! He is growing. Five shots at once? Yikes.