Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Tale of Two Scales

I finally broke down and replaced my bathroom scales. I ordered the Soehnle 63664 Zeta Glass Bath Scale from Amazon. It's a little pricey, but since I buy scales about every 10 years I figure it's worth it to get a nice one that will last. They've got good ratings for being accurate and good reviews from other Amazon customers.

Well, they are accurate and consistent. The only problem is that my old crappy scales have been reading about 6 lbs too low all this time. Couple that with me eatting bad the last week and the current D.B.A.N. as of this morning was 298.6. Yes, that's right. Since all of you have been demanding the extra accuracy I've added a whole decimal point of precision for you.

So once again I'm giving up on the low calorie higher exercise route for a while. It's just too hard to stick with unless I'm in the perfect state of mind for it. For the lasts two weeks all of our friends from church have been bringing us food every two days in celebration of the baby being born. It's a tradition in our Sunday School class. Since we go to a Baptist church, and Baptists love to eat stuff that's not so great for you, we've been getting lots of casseroles and pastas and bread and all the stuff to make a Hatch fat.

Speaking of fat Hatchs, after we got the new scales we had Victoria get on them then get back on them while she was holding Jackson. With a little subtraction we found that Jackson was 10.6 lbs on Monday afternoon. That's 2 1/2 lbs gained in 26 days. He's definitely my child since he has not butt or legs and is all chest and belly. I picked him up in his car seat at a weird angle Sunday morning and pulled something in my right lower back. It's still a little tender today and has led to less steps since then.

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