Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weight Update

Things have been going well lately on the weight loss front. This past week I reached 285 lbs on the new scales, which puts me at 45 lbs lost so far. I've kicked the walking up a notch and I think this has really helped out. I've averaged over 5 miles a day for the last 10 days or so.

I did take a complete break yesterday though. I was just whupped. Walking so much every day for the previous 3 weeks was beginning to take its toll and my legs were aching a little and my knees and ankles were starting to complain. I didn't even put the pedometer on yesterday, mainly because I never put on any pants to attach it to. The only thing I did that could be considered worthwhile was hold Jackson and put his new high chair together.

As a result though, I felt very refreshed today and had walked over a mile just by going to church this morning. After that we hit the mall where I put about 2 more miles by circling Opry Mills a few times. Then Victoria and I went to the grocery store, I walked the dachshund twice, and I put about 10 minutes in on the treadmill to put me at 13,500 steps for the day, or a little over 6 miles. Not too bad for a fat hairy white boy.

I had originally set a goal to hit 275 by my birthday on March 26, but I may need to set it a little lower than that. I'm thinking maybe 265 would be a good goal at this point, but I admit it may be tough to drop 20 lbs in less than two months. Ya gots to have goals though. At this point I think my ultimate goal of winning the death match with Uncle Bull may be achievable by the end of the summer.

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