Tuesday, July 25, 2006

14k Today

It's been 14,000 days as of today since I was born in Marietta, Georgia. Yes, I know that doesn't really mean anything, but I think it's interesting to keep up with it. I'm a spreadsheet geek, what can I say? My son is 209 days old. Only 15,220 days until I'm 80 years old in the year 2048. Tempus fugit.


TheHeffer said...

In honor of this momentous occasion, I think you should RUN 14k steps today.

Alan said...

I am going to shoot for 14k steps today, but most of them won't be from running. I'm still working on my caving trip report from Saturday, but suffice it to say that I still feel and look like I went through a cheese grater.

Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

Mmmmmm. I luv Chayz.