Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I accomplished something today for the first time since I got my pedometer. I've walked over 10k steps per day for the last 3 days. Sunday was 12.7k steps, yesterday was 10.4k, and today I've done 11.8k steps.

When I'm walking in the evenings, I have small arguments with myself. I would normally total up how many steps I've averaged for the week and start rationalizing doing less steps tonight. So if I only walked 5k steps today, hey, I've still averaged 9k steps for the last 3 days. The problem with this is that I'm at a plateau on my weight loss. I'm stuck right around 285 lbs and in order push below 280 I'm going to have to up the calories burned, plain and simple.

Fortunately, tonight I slapped down the little voice in my head that was trying to be lazy. The other voice took over. The one that kept calling me a wuss for even thinking of stopping short of 10,000 steps. The one that made me turn around in front of my house and add another 1000 steps after I reached 10k instead of going inside and enjoying the a/c. That voice did get slapped down when when it called me a wuss for taking two Alleve, though. I can only put up with so much of that kind of crap. Heh.

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