Thursday, August 17, 2006

August Football

Victoria started eighth grade last week, so football season started with it of course. Victoria is co-captain of the cheerleading squad this year, so we're all excited about that. We aren't so excited about sitting in the stands at 6pm on an August evening in the South though. It was hot and it was humid and all around just a miserable night to even sit and watch football, so I can only imagine how the players and the cheerleaders felt.

One thing interesting did happen though. Our team actually won. They won fairly easily actually. The quarterback this year is pretty fast, and the opposing team just couldn't seem to shut down the option play in the first half, when our team went up 20-0. The other team scored once in the second half and the game ended 20-8. Kicking seems to be an almost non-existant skill at this level, so the teams always go for two points after a score. There was only one punt in the game, by our team, and it went straight up in the air for about 10 yards total. No one ever caught a kickoff either, so anytime a foot connects with the ball it's always entertaining.

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