Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Update

This morning my calf muscles are aching. This is unusual because I've been overweight for quite a while and my calf muscles are probably the most well developed and "in shape" muscles on my body.

My adductor muscles hurt too. You may not be familiar with these, since it's rare for them to get worked out very often. They're the set of muscles that run down your inside thigh from the groin down towards the knee. The old Suzanne Summers "Thigh Master" is one of the ways you can work these muscles if you were inclined to do so.

When I pulled into my driveway Saturday night about 10:00pm, I got out of the Honda and nearly fell over. My right hamstring was completely locked up in a cramp and I had to hobble into the house like I had just pulled up on a dash to the goal line.

They say that if you don't feel like you've been in a car wreck the next morning, then the cave wasn't tough enough. The trip I made Saturday was tough enough, trust me on this. I'm sore from my forearms all the way down to my calves, and there are blisters on both feet around the toes. I ate like a fiend all weekend, and I still weigh 1.5 lbs less this morning than I did Friday morning.

What a great trip it was! Details coming soon...

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