Saturday, September 16, 2006

A 16.4K Day

I got a lot of walking in today. We headed out to Gladeville around lunch for the 4th Annual Gladefest. It's sort of a craft fair with some music and a few kiddy rides thrown in. I put about 5k steps on the pedometer there and had a great pork chop sandwich and a fried apple pie to boot.

After we got back, I watched Jack for a while so Marissa could run some errands then I headed to the YMCA for an hour or so. I managed to do a mile on the treadmill in 15:39, which is a pretty good pace for me. I never went below 3.5 mph and kicked it up to 5.1 mph for three intervals. I'm concentrating on getting my legs bulked up right now for conditioning for caving, so I did several sets on the leg machines as well. My goal is to be able to do vertical caving within the next six months or so, spring at the latest.

So by the time I got back from the gym, I had passed 10k steps. I took the dog for a walk then headed to the grocery store. Then I picked up Victoria at the park in Mt. Juliet where she had been at a birthday party, so that added a couple hundred more. A final walk with the dachshund put met at 16,400 steps for the day, which is 7.5 miles and over 1000 calories. Not too shabby I guess. Next Saturday I'm going to try to go over 20K, which will probably require a trip on the greenway. I want to go down the Stone Door trail this fall when the leaves are changing, so being able to do 10 miles in a day would be helpful.


HatchWife said...

umm... 1 errand and it was like 40 minutes and you were calling me every 2 minutes saying 'hurry, he needs you'. Just wanted the WHOLE truth to be told.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, The Hatch, I look forward to the vertical stuff when you get ready.

The Stuckey

Anonymous said...

By the way. Your buttocks are looking firm.

The Stuckey

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