Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hatch Updates

Last night after I got Jack ready for bed, we were laying on the floor in his room so he could play a little bit while we waited on Marissa to come nurse him and put him in the crib. Marissa was doing something in the upstairs bathroom and Jack heard her in there, so he started crawling that way. When he was about halfway there, I started calling his name and he stopped, sat up and started waving at me. This was the first time we were sure he was waving at someone so it was pretty cool. I think he's also saying "Hi" and waving now too, but we're not sure about the saying a word part yet.

After work today I headed for the gym for what was a pretty good workout. I did my first mile on the treadmill in exactly 15 minutes, which is a great improvement for me so far. That involved three intervals of about 5.2 m/h. I also did several sets on the machines for my legs, biceps, and triceps.

A girl from work was on the treadmill in front of me, doing 7.5 minute miles for an entire hour. You know the type; cute and disgustingly healthy, like Kevin Barnes with a ponytail. I don't think I've ever been able to run that far, that fast in my life. Right now I'd just like to do a 12 minute mile period and then start stretching it out to an hour.


William said...

Hi, I am looking into planning a trip to Tumbling Rocks cave and I am having a terrible time finding information online. Could you offer any assistance? Thanks!

Alan said...

I don't recommend going to Tumbling Rock without someone that has been there before. The owner's phone number can be found online, but they're going to ask if you've been there before or have someone with you that has been. TR can be a confusing cave to navigate and you need someone that is familiar with the route back to the topless dome. Contact your local grotto by looking them up on

Paul said...

My Hatchey gettin' buff.