Monday, October 16, 2006

The Smokeless Hatch

Despite a determined effort by Paul Clemmons and his toadies in Big Tobacco, yesterday I celebrated the sixth anniversary of being smoke free. I smoked a cigarette in the afternoon of October 15, 2000 in the parking deck of Cat Financial in Nashville, then I quit. I started smoking when I was a freshman in college during final exams my first semester in December of 1986.

Hopefully I quit before too much permanent damage was done. During the 14 years I did smoke, I quit twice for over a year before starting again. Once Heff and I had a bet going to see who would quit the longest. We made an agreement to have a cigarette at the U2 concert in Birmingham, but Heff watched me smoke and then refused to join in. Of course, he's still smoking Reds to this day and is buying his ticket for the emphysema train.


TheHeffer said...

....and is STILL twice as healthy as you. Even your memory is failing you. I pulled the "Bill Murray" and backed out on smoking with you at the PINK FLOYD concert at Legion Field. It was either '92 or '93.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad heff, I intend to blow alot of cheap cigar smoke on the hatch as often as possible, therefore keeping his contamination level at a constant. We may hotbox all the way to Kentucky this weekend.

TheHeffer said...

Well, Hatch DOES have a Hot Box.