Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hatch Mad

Well, I got so riled up yesterday about the smoking policy bill that I actually emailed Senator Thelma Harper. Below is the complete text of that email.

Senator Harper,

I'm appalled by your recent vote against allowing cities such as Nashville
to decide their own policy concerning smoking laws. Your job is to
protect the welfare of your constituents. Cigarette smoke is a dangerous
byproduct of a dangerous, addictive drug. If a community decides that it
wants to protect itself from this type of carcinogen, it should be allowed
to do so. To hide behind a state law that was obviously influenced by
tobacco lobbyists is despicable on your part. This issue alone convinces
me that you should not be allowed to serve in office any further.


J. Alan Hatcher
Hermitage, TN

Here's the kicker. She called my house last night and left a message for me to call her back, which I plan to do this afternoon. Stay tuned for more.

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