Tuesday, February 17, 2004

When Hatch Turns Sideways He Disappears

On Tuesday, Feb 10th, I weighed 306 at the doctor's office. I went to the YMCA last night and I weighed in at 295. Not too shabby. I'm down about 24 pounds overall since the middle of January when I weighed 319. I've got 6 more days of Induction on the Atkin's diet that I'm following and then I can add a few carbs back into the mix. The low carb diet is a lot easier this time since a lot of restaurants have started offering low carb menu selections lately.

I'm still recovering from my surgery on Jan 30th. My scar on my chest is healing up, but it's feeling tight and itches a lot lately. My joints are still apt to have some pain in them and my right knee hurts when I'm walking down steps. Makes me feel like I'm about 60 years old or so. Overall I feel pretty good. Losing some more weight should help.

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