Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Another Jungle Joke

Heff and Hatchare captured by a jungle tribe and tied to stakes. The chief says to them, "You have a choice – death, or ugga bugga." Hatch says, "Well, I guess ugga bugga." The chief shouts "UGGA BUGGA!" and 30 members of the tribe attack and sodomize him. The chief then asks Heff, "Now you have a choice, death or ugga bugga." Heff says "screw that, I choose death!" The chief says, "Very well," and shouts "DEATH…BY UGGA BUGGA!"


TheHeffer said...

NICE. It appears that in every "Hatch of the Jungle" joke, Heff's Ugga gets Bugga'd.

Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

Dang, fellers - 'at's kinda diskustin'. Talk 'ah stuff like 'at shud only be akted own amung closlee nit Kin-folk.