Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hatch Brush with Celebrity

On a whim I sent an email to Wil Wheaton last night, since he had mentioned on his blog that he did 3 voices for Everquest 2. He actually responded, which was pretty cool. He's also a fellow Texas Hold'em player, but he gets to play in much, much bigger tournaments. Heh.

Hatch: Howdy, Just curious what voices you did for EQ2. You said you did 3 of them,
is it possible to let us all know which ones?

Wil Wheaton: I have no idea, man. One was an Elf, and the other two were shop
keepers, I think.

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Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

"Brush with celebrity" ? Hail, I kaint afford 'at costlee stor bauwt stuff. I hafta brush wif bakin' soda and mah fanger.