Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hatch Tilt

So Burt and I went to Pepperoni Tavern tonight and played in their free Texas Hold'Em tournament. It was team play, so Burt went first with our $500 in chips. After about 7 hands the Russian on his left went all in with 3 6's showing. Burt had a full house and called. The Russian ended up with 4 6's, leaving us with 20 bucks of chips. Burt went all in on the next hand and ended up with $100 in chips. I took over, went all in again with a pair of 3's in the hole. I flopped a full house and ended up with about $500 in chips. I lasted another hour before I got bumped after going all in with two pair. I didn't do too badly for my first tournament. My only problem was too many people smoking without enough ventilation.

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TheHeffer said...

Imagine the nerve - People playing Poker that -(gasp)- SMOKE !!!!