Monday, May 09, 2005

My Boys Can Swim!

I hinted at it last week, but here's the official announcement. Marissa called me late last Thursday night to tell me she had passed a test. Hatch has procreated. Let the world tremble. We should be due sometime in late December or early January. Marissa is convinced it's a boy, but I'll be happy with either. More updates will be available after the first doctor's visit next Monday.


TheHeffer said...

If it's a boy, I'll give you one hundred bucks if you name him "Peter Gozenia Hatcher".

If it's a girl, "Anita Dick Hatcher" will get you the same c note.

Will said...


But seriously, congratulations! Keep us posted on how everything goes.

HatchWife said...

I would be happy with either as well, but I am preparing myself to birth a BIG Hatcher Boy Head! So that I will not be suprised.

Oh and Heff... No amount of money would pay me to choose either of those names. Hee Hee!

TheHeffer said...

Um... Ok, how about "Harry Richard Hatcher"

HatchWife said...

ummm... let me think... NO WAY!!!

Big Bill said...

I have always been a fan of the name Howie Feltersnatch Hatch,

Buck Futter Hatch

Congratulations to all involved.
We will pray that it is healthy, boy or girl they will make you proud.