Sunday, May 01, 2005


Slept late today. Probably a little too late since it was almost Noon before I got out of bed. Marissa and I ran a few errands to get ready to host a birthday party for Cameron, my sister-in-laws stepson.

Victoria and I walked on the Stones River Greenway later this afternoon. I think we walked about 1.2 or so miles. We started on the new section out by the dam in Hermitage. It's pretty nice, but still needs a little bit of work to finish it off.

The D.B.A.N. this morning was 310, so I've pulled 8 pounds off this week. I'm getting oh so close to a picture worthy of forcing Uncle Bull into that thong like he promised. I'd love to hit 300 by next Sunday, but 10 pounds in a week might be too much to hope for. I'm still not having any problems avoiding the carbs. I was able to skip pizza and ice cream cake at the birthday party today.


TheHeffer said...

Stop drinking sodas and just drink water, Hatch. THONG SEASON IS UPON US, BILL !

Big Bill said...

I am ready you Mutt Mudda Fuckas!!
Honestly Hatch keep it up good job. Hey are drinking pop? Dude thats like an additional 5 lbs a week you can loose if your drinking pop!! Come on!!
Everything you put into your body goes in for a reason ..He's my boyfriend is not what I was looking for as an excuse...But come on your a machine!! Feed it what it needs not what it wants!!!

TheHeffer said...

Yes. Hatch is drinking "Pop". He excuses it because it's "Diet". I told him it would make a world of difference if He'd even just stop drinking them on weekdays. Do the Heff diet : Straight during the week, Sin on the weekend.