Thursday, April 28, 2005


Typical. I go off yesterday about how good I've gotten at sucking people out of chips with pocket Aces and someone does it to me early tonight at Startime. I wasn't the first person to bust out of the tournament, but I was probably third or fourth.

There were five of us at the table, and I was in the big blind for 200. I had A6o. Everyone called the BB around to me and I thought I'd be a smart ass and raised it to 1200 to go. Two callers. The flop is all low garbage. I figure I'll blow the other two guys off and bet another 1000. First guy calls without blinking. The second guy thinks about it for a few seconds then folds.

Now at this point if I was playing even half way decent I'd be worried. Someone has called my large bets twice without thinking about it. Hubris was in the driver's seat at this point though. Has everyone met my Uncle Hubris? He's on the same side of the family as my cousin Cletus, but has a few more teeth.

Nothing on the turn. I throw another 1000 in the pot, mostly in desperation. Called.

The river is also no help. I check. For some reason he checks also and shows his pocket Aces. I muck without showing and stare down at my huge remaining stack of 900. The next hand I'm in the small blind and fold, leaving me with 800.

On the button, I'm dealt A8o. I usually like to play the dead man's hand as one of my hands to go crazy with so I don't play too tight. I push in my last 800 and everyone folds except the guy to my right who calls and flips up Big Slick.

Everyone had been congratulating me for winning on Tuesday and now they were looking at me and asking "what happened?" At least I can go to sleep early tonight.


TheHeffer said...

Cry me a "river".

Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

Dang ! How's ol' Hubris ah doin' ? Sheeit, I ain't seen him sents tha laist famly Rumpus-Humpus !!