Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hatch on a Roll

Day four of ketosis has come and gone. No big problems. I walked after I got home from poker tonight for about 20 minutes. My pants were much looser today. Okay, okay, they were looser because the button fell off when I went to the can this morning at work.

Tonight at the Sidelines Grill poker tournament, I placed third, which is my best finish there so far. I made the final table of 8 people in about fifth place in chips, and slowly got grinded down by the blinds and fishing for some cards. My final hand was an measly 20k all in with KJo. I got called by one of the monster stacks with an A8. I hit a K on the flop, but he hit two pair and I walked away with 10 bucks in house cash.

I doubled up on the first hand of the tournament when I was dealt Big Slick offsuit. The flop was garbage with an 8 and the only other guy in the pot made a fairly small raise so I called. The turn was a K and I raised about 1k which he called. The River was an A. He pushes all in and I call with my two pair. He shows A8o and gets to sit there stunned as the first guy out of the tournament.

The hand I was most proud of was the only pocket Aces I was dealt tonight on the big blind, which was 600. I raised it 600 more and had about 4 callers, one of which was the short stack who was all in. The flop was an AK8 rainbow. I put on my semi-disgusted look and checked, hoping for someone else to bet. It was checked around and the turn was some garbage card. I pushed in at this point and the calling station across from me called. Everyone else folded and since I had him covered we turned the cards up and he had a K. The river was no help to him since he was drawing dead and I pulled a large pile of chips over to myself and knocked two players at once off the table.

I'm not bragging, but I feel like I've gotten pretty good at sucking large amounts of chips out of calling stations lately. When you know they can't beat you and they call you after you push in it's one of the greatest feelings in the world. You feel like you're a demigod among mere mortals, but then a few hands later your pocket cowboys get kicked in the teeth and you quickly come back down to earth.

I did make one large raise after it was folded around to me in the small blind with The Hammer, but I had to fold it after I got called and the flop was something like AKJ.

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