Monday, April 25, 2005

Day Two

I'm in full blown ketosis right now. It tastes like I've been chewing on aluminum foil all day. No cheating today and I walked right after supper tonight. I'm going to walk at lunch tomorrow so it won't interfere with poker tomorrow night. I'll add a few extra steps by parking way in the back of the parking lot also. Using the steps instead of the elevator whenever possible is also in the plan currently.


Anonymous said...

The last meal of the day is called DINNER. Silly!

TheHeffer said...

Ummm, why is the wife commenting "under the cover of darkness" ?

Big Bill said...

Yeah silly!!!


Oh Hatch....You are such a card...

Keep it man I have on eof my driver here working the eating habits change and in two-three weeks he lost 30 lbs!!

You said you did a before picture correct? The first place you will see it is in your face....Im talkin about the weight loss not Wil's load as it splatters on your cheek!!Money shot!!
Seriously people will say "hey you look great" and you being the "foolish mortal" will start to slack, But don't use the comments and Koo-doews (LOL) to feed your fat burning fire!!!

I want you burning so much fat down there in Tennesee that it smells like "Auwshwits" (the jewish constipation camp). I want to see every Holocost surviver running scared!!! Not because your consuming every ounce of protien in a 500 mile radius and they will be next on the grill but .....OK I will stop..."Move to ze back itz juzt a showa"!!

TheHeffer said...

Big Bill : A great motivational speaker.