Monday, April 18, 2005

Hatch's Blog 'O War

Just wanted to make sure this information was out there so everyone could have it.

Hefferson Thurston Howell Faulkner, III

302 W Calcis St
Coontown, AL 35051
(205) 669 - 0xxx

If you're coming out of Chicago, just take I65 South until you get to Alabama. Take exit 238 and follow the signs to Coontown, a.k.a. Columbiana. I need to keep his address handy so I can mail the shreds of his CC VHS to him this week.

"If the enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in." - Sun Tzu

Edit: Heff called me up nearly in tears worried that "internet freaks" would start stalking him. I guess we know how he really feels about Wilfred and Big Bill now. I changed the information, but you can easily spend 5 minutes to look it up on the Internet like I did.


TheHeffer said...

The work address is actually 102 East College Street Columbiana, AL. 35051
I'll post a photo of my home tomorrow so Bill doesn't accidentally pile drive the elderly woman that lives next to me.

TheHeffer said...

B.T.W. man, utterly fucking pathetic. Why don't you go ahead and give out my mailing address too.

Greg Talton said...

Hatch, I'm so proud...You're, never fucking mind....

TheHeffer said...

Goddamnit, you left out "Lovey" again !!!

Big Bill said...

Thanks for the info... Im sure I can find out a lot about you Heff. With the little knowledge already possesed. Lets Run with the band "Butlik". There has gotta be a heard of overweight balding gay retards waiting to get a glimpse of the lead singer and guitarist from one of the most rockin bands from the south......I could just sell that soft porn picture of Hatch to some of these tards you know the one of him in his tighty whiteys "On top of ole smokey". One of your groupys will give up your info toot sweet!!

TheHeffer said...

Damn. I could barely even make sense out of that one. It must be "Fresh bottle of 'Roids" day.