Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday Night Blah

I finished in 13th place tonight in the No Limit Hold'em tournament at Sidelines Grill in Alpharetta, continuing my mostly unbroken streak of having no luck there. The hand that did me in I raised 2000 with pocket 9's. The guy to my right with the monster stack put me all in and I called. He had pocket Kings. You can figure the rest out.

I changed the format of the blog again because I didn't like the way the old template had everything centered. I mostly use my laptop which has a very wide screen and it was showing everything scrunched up in the middle. The only thing I don't like about this template is the font it uses for Italics. I'll do something about that soon.

I'd also like to welcome Commander Wilfred Harrison and the Trailer of Love to the blog links list. It can get a little racy over there and it's definitely at least PG-13, so you've been warned. If you've every followed the link for the Dumb Brute you should be emotionally prepared to handle the ToL.

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TheHeffer said...

Prepared ? Well, maybe. (It's almost TURD OF THE MONTH time again.) 13th place again, huh ? - That's not gonna get you backed by Heff's MONSTER STACK. Let me know if Bill is actually kind enough to send you his dietary secrets. I'm just curious, but my guess is - it involves consumption of steamed crustaceans.