Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More Crappy Tuesday Poker

Actually, I think I played pretty good tonight, but I couldn't get any cards and when I did I got wolloped by people pushing in and had to run away. I busted out in 13th place when I pushed in with pocket 2's and got called by KQo and a Queen flopped. It was a coin flip, but I was short stacked and only had about two orbits left in the blinds.

I made some serious adjustments in my overall tournament strategy recently that I practiced at PokerStars.com this weekend in some 27 and 45 player play money tournaments. I'm playing positional poker a lot better right now, and stopped fishing for flops with hands like K6o and A3o. You still have to actually be dealt decent cards for it to work though. My other strategy change has been an absolute refusal to bet or call when I'm chasing a straight or a flush. I did really well at that tonight, so I think it's going to pay off in the future.

I'm pretty much going to have to win a Tuesday night tournament at Startime to make the finals since I have zero points in the standings released tonight and there's only 2 regular weeks left. On Thursday night I'm in 8th place on points, with 2 people ahead of me that don't count because they're going to the finals due to winning a weekly event, so I'm really in 6th place. With 3 weekly games left, if I can make the final table at least once more I should be good for one of the 10 spots going to points players.


TheHeffer said...

God - this is too easy ! (sigh)....

Hatch CALLED a hooker because he wanted to be PUSHING IN his POCKET 2'S. He wanted to POSITIONAL POKER, but once the BLINDS were shut, He felt SHORT STACKED because of her 2 ORBITS he'd been DEALT. Yep - he'd been FISHING FOR FLOPS. He decided to RUNAWAY, so he BUSTED OUT like he was CHASING A FLUSH.

TheHeffer said...

Seriously man,

You can't expect me to back you financially if you bust out in 13th place. Win yourself a few free meals in a row like we talked about, and then I'll think it over.

Anonymous said...

Hey prior to your last post about Bill....awesome song....I'm voting for you to get on TRL...Keep up the good work man.