Monday, April 25, 2005

Deep Poker Thoughts

I've been thinking more about the hand I layed down last week where I was facing an all in from someone I was sure had a pair of Aces and I was on a flush draw with two cards to come. I've come to the conclusion after doing some research that I made the right decision.

A lot of what I've been reading lately relates to Texas Hold'em in general, mostly in regards to ring games. Since I play only in tournaments, I need to be careful to apply that fact to anything that I read. Pot odds are a great tool I think, even in tournaments, but it was still too early for me to risk what would have been most of my stack with only a 1 in 3 chance to make my hand.

If I had actually been in the money in the tournament at that point I think it would have been OK to gamble and try to knock the other player out, but with 8 people at the table I don't think you can justify risking your entire stack with a hand that you don't actually have yet.


Pope Benedict XVI said...

I love playing Texas Hold 'em.

TheHeffer said...

Hey ! It's Diet Pope with Lime !