Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rumor Control

Someone has been spreading rumors in the comments section that I'm drinking cokes (or Pop to you Yankees) while I'm on the low carb diet. It's Diet Coke. Zero Carbs. One calorie. I gave up smoking 5 years ago. I gave up loose women 3 years ago. I gave up alcohol except for the occasional cold one at the Heff house. I will not give up my Diet Coke. No way, no how. I could have a big 5 pound Diet Coke tumor growing out of the side of my butt and I still wouldn't give them up. So please no more comments from the peanut gallery about it. It ain't gonna happen. Actually if a certain someone would give up his habit of letting classic Mustangs rot in his basement I might consider it, but I know I'm safe.

1 comment:

TheHeffer said...

Gave up loose women ? - Gave up loose women ? - I think loose women GAVE UP ON YOU !